Manage your medical center at anytime from anywhere.
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Manage your medical center at anytime from anywhere.
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DASI eCLINIC is the web portal which facilitates the daily management of medical centers, generates businesses between suppliers and clients from the sanitary sector and helps to share knowledge to medical professionals all over the world.

Discover the 7 advantages from DASI eCLINIC

Discover the 7 advantages from DASI eCLINIC which make easier your professional medical management.


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Online management of medical centers

Online management of medical centers

Medical knowledge community

Medical knowledge community


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Comercial 25/05/2017

New features DASI eCLINIC 2.77:

- New module for the management of biopsies for laboratories of pathological anatomy.
- Weekly view in agenda Boxes, with possibility to hide weekends.
- Option of maximized view of daily agenda to the whole width of the screen.
- Management of blocksed periods in agenda Boxes, for hours or days.
- Buttons to jump to the desired day of the week in weekly views of the agenda.
- Link to charges from the medical management of the visit.
- Full names are displayed instead of the user in Daily Box filter.
- New "Type of visit" settings for appointments, from Archive > Auxiliary Tables.
- Checking and alert of existing block locks from the other calendar views.
- Added file manager in the Portal Patient.
- Notification to the center of files uploaded by patients.
- Do not allow to eliminate episodes that contain some visit with positions.
- Review and improvements in the SMS Marketing module.
- Multiple upload of files from document manager works right now.
- Alert when forwarding date or time an appointment with sms notice sent to the patient.

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Comercial 23/12/2016

Uploaded new version 2.76 of DASI eCLINIC:

- New server with latest generation code to get the most out of the program.
- 100% increase in the response speed for a more flexible user experience.
- Agenda Improvements: ability to hide weekends.
- New menu control cost treatments in Billing menu.
- New module to create marketing SMS campaigns.

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Comercial 18/01/2016

During the last few weeks have incorporated several new features, including:

- Creation of vouchers control sessions, with the possibility of sharing them between patients.
- Option automatic payment by credit card.
- New multi-weekly schedule.
- Improvements to the Vademecum Option seek active ingredient.

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Comercial 10/08/2015

Since June 9, 2015, it is now available the new version 2.62 of DASI eCLINIC with new features:

- Multidoctor appointment book. Now on one screen you can view and manipulate the appointment book of several professionals at once. Ability to set professional groups for joint viewing.
- Insurances by professional. Option of working with all insurances of the center or specifically indicated by professional.
- Notification by e-mail at center of new appointments requested by the patient via online.
- Option print questionnaires.
- In the report editor option to add new documents.
- Option of consulting questionnaires form patient portal.
- New Listings billing.

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Products and services
Comercial 30/03/2015

DASI eCLINIC incorporates patient portal where patients can safely view the reports that the clinical or professional sharing. Soon you can also make an appointment from the patient's own portal and other available documents and images. In the future the patient may also communicate directly with the professional. The portal of the patient is included in the Premium plan (unlimited patients) and the Plus plan (up to 6,000 active patients) as well as additional service in the Basic plan.

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Comercial 21/01/2015

With service appointment online DASI eCLINIC their patients can make an appointment comfortably from of your website or from our directory of clinics. Thanks to this online service appointment widget can be easily integrated in the websites of clinics at no additional cost, staying connected in real time with the professional agenda. This service is compatible with the link to the Doctoralia appointmemnt book, offering both services simultaneously. Remember that if your clinic has no website can create a free with DASI eCLINIC, which will also add the option of appointment online.

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Comercial 25/06/2013

The new appointment reminder service via SMS in now available. With this new service a reminder SMS text will automatically be sent to your patients. You can customize completely the message you decide to send and can also configure when it needs to be sent. The SMS alert service is available for all countries at very affordable prices.

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Comercial 06/03/2013

DASI eCLINIC provides users the possibility to create a free website to show to the world their clinical information. It consists of four sections easily configurable to enter the desired text, location, contact information and also includes on-line appointment service.

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Comercial 29/11/2012

DASI eCLINIC incorporates new functionality to request appointments online from the Doctoralia portal linking directly to the DASI eCLINIC agenda. All DASI eCLINIC customers can register for free in professionals, doctors and clinics guide and use online service appointment for your patients an appointment directly and can see the use of appointment calendar and adding directly to the professional agenda DASI eCLINIC. This new service allows you to get new patients from the Doctoralia clinical portal leader with over a million monthly users. Also facilitates management's agenda doctor and offers added value to patients, making them more practical task of appointment. Doctoralia:

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